BIG BANG FAIR, here we come…

By Dede Pourahmadi on Sunday, March 19, 2017 in News. 7 Comments


The BIG BANG FAIR is an exciting opportunity for pupils to access a wide variety of activities promoting engineering and science.

This year, to celebrate science week, ALL Year 5 pupils really enjoyed the wonderful  voyage of discovery of virtual reality, medicine, marine biology, film and TV, space exploration, explosive chemistry, crime-solving, robots, computer coding, microscopic bugs, giant trucks and more.



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  • Khalam says:

    I really like our RE work today on Hindu gods and goddesses and we are going to the teampul tomorrow I think I will enjoy it well we will have to see about that tomorrow

  • Khalam says:

    The Big Bang was really fun and exciting

  • Khalam says:

    I want to go back and enjoy it even more

  • Hameed Ahmed says:

    When I first arrived at the Big Bang Fair, I thought it would be boring. Then it got MORE INTERESTING!!!
    We had a shower in dry ice, we played with the VR headset the Samsung Gear VR and with dancing robots,
    which were programmed by the software Scratch!! But really had a great time. We found out more about radio frequencies and explosive chemistry. And the one thing I noticed is EVERYONE and I MEAN EVERYONE, was having a terrible time in my group. Just kidding, but everyone was ecstatic and enjoyed them self but I believe I should be going now. Assalamu Alaikum 🙂

  • Naimah 5M says:

    NEC (National Exhibition Center) Big Bang Fair 2017!

    On Wednesday 15th March 2017, Year 5M children were so lucky to be going on a trip to the NEC Big Bang Fair, which took place from the 14th – 17th of March. It was a spectacular, as well as an amazing and excellent trip, especially since we were taken to such a large venue, and came back with our heads full! It was wonderful, to explore the huge world of Maths, Computing, Engineering, and especially Science! Also to have a look around the venue and look at all the different entertaining, fun stalls!


    When we came to the venue, we saw hundreds, maybe even thousands, of children & students from other Schools. I had expected other people from other Schools, but I did not think there would be so much people! It was the most amount of people I had ever seen at a place, at one time!


    There was so many stalls/workshops! We didn’t even get to all of them in one day! There was stalls where you could build pyramids using sticks and elastic bands, and then they were displayed on top of each other creating a colossal pyramid, out of miniature pyramids! That was the first workshop our group went to! Next, we were going to a slime workshop, where you created slime, but sadly there was so much people there, we had to come back later. Instead, we went to a little area where we had a Nose Test, which I had never ever had, or even heard of, until that time. How did it work? We had to hold each others hands, and then there would be one gap where you don’t hold hands, and one person squeezes the other’s nose, and it makes a sound and we did that till everyone had a go. Then we were given a stamp, and I really enjoyed learning about the Nose test, and experiencing it too!
    There was also a workshop we went to, where they did VIRTUAL REALITY! I absolutely loved it! The image/place we were in was what I thought was the inside of a body? There was blood and red balls that actually moved in the picture, and what I really liked was the fact that we could select our settings! Next we moved to a different picture where I thought we were underwater? And orange spikes were flying everywhere, but otherwise it was deep blue ocean water, or I thought it was, and I really enjoyed this because I felt like I was actually in it, since the orange spiky balls, and the balls of blood were actually moving, and I could select settings!
    We also went to an area, where there was a humongous crane, and what you had to do is ask questions to the workshop owners, and they would answer it and give you a wristband. Some of the questions asked to the workshop owners were, How tall is the crane? How long did it take to build? What materials were used to build it? How much does it weigh? It was great fun finding out about the crane!

    What I learnt

    I learnt a lot of things, like how some students from a university, made a car, and powered the car using salt water. Then children had a chance to make small cars and power them with salt water too! And that was something I didn’t know would work. I also found out that if you have a testing tube, and you put baking soda, as well as vinegar, and then quickly put a balloon on top, the balloon won’t come flying off, unless your too slow. Before I realized this, I thought the balloon would go flying off and the vinegar would spill everywhere, however this was not the case!

    This was definitely a very entertaining, enjoyable and pleasurable day, for me, and also everyone else too, because when we came back to school, everyone in 5M had a smile on their faces! Also, we came back with lots of prizes and things we earned for our hard work and good behaviour there!
    Everyone in Year 5M are young scientists and engineers after that experience. Overall, this was a remarkable, stupendous, stunning and pleasant experience, and I would love to go to more trips in the future! Thank you very much for planning this excellent trip! There is no other way to describe how amazing this trip was and how thankful I am!
    I have especially learnt, that Science is everywhere and used in everyday life, and in order to succeed and have a good future, I must focus and practice on my Science, Technology, English and Maths, because those are the 4 subjects, that can take me anywhere!

  • malaikah says:

    I really enjoyed the trip I’m literally speechless !!! It was a really enjoyable time i wont forget it and thanks to the teachers so much for planning a amazing trip for the children

  • maria 5m says:


    What an amazing day at the NEC !we had so much fun .we also learned many new things which i didnt know before.There were endless lines of many different schools going to the NEC building!My favriote part was when we build our own cars and powered them by salt water and then actually racing with other people .Thank you ustada porahmadi and ustada sadiyah for organising this brilliant trip for us.