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On Wednesday22nd March Year 5 went to an Hindu Temple to take part in the Arti Ceremony, as part of their Religious Studies to develop their understanding and tolerance of other faiths which forms part of our British and school values.  We started our religious educational visit with a presentation by Mrs Bhwana, Guide at the Hindu Temple, introducing the main facts about the Hindu Faith.  Following a very enlightening session, children witnessed the Arti ceremony where worshippers thanked GOD. After the ceremony, the Priest distributed the light and worshippers cupped their hands to receive it and spread it on their heads.

Where does the name Hindu come from ?

What is the name of the Hindu place of worship ?

How is Hinduism different from other faith ?

How can we improve our community today and make it strong ?

How did today’s trip help you better understand how to improve our community ?


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  • Naimah 5M says:

    Hindu Temple Educational Trip!

    On Wednesday the 22nd March, children from Year 5M went to a trip, to Shree Hindu Community Centre, (Hindu Temple) To learn more about their topic in R.E about the Hinduism religion and improve their knowledge on the topic! It was an entertaining and enjoyable, as well as historical trip, and I absolutely loved looking at all the things they did in the Hindu religion/temple.

    What We Did

    First, we walked to the temple, since it was not too far, and we entered the Temple. One thing I noticed on the front of the temple, above the door, was the Om sign, which is a sacred symbol for the Hindu’s, and appears before and after most prayers and texts. Next, we entered the Temple, took off our shoes and placed them on shoe racks, and we all went up a 3 sets of stairs in our groups. Once we were at the top, we entered through a door, and outside the door, were two statues of the Hindu God. Then we were in a large,soundless, room. We sensibly sat down and listened, as there was a talk about the Hindu religion. We had a little question and answer session, and talk session, and then we moved on to something else.

    At one side of the room, there were curtains that were widely opened, and behind them, there were statues of the Hindu Gods. There was Narayan/Vishnu and Lakshmi. Narayan’s name in Sanskrit : Nārāyaṇa, or Narayanan, these were the main gods, in the Temple. There was also, in another area, a section for Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati, along with their son Ganesh, In the last section there was a Goddess named Durga, sitting on her Lion, to show that she is fearless as well as Hanuman.

    It was fun observing people as they took part in the Arti ceremony, and as they rang the bell. It was quite exciting to ring the bell ourselves, and to hear the Om recitation, and see how as the bell was rang, it sounds like the ding ding noise is reciting the Om.

    What I learnt

    I learnt from this amazing, spectacular, magnificent and marvelous trip, that when the bell is rang, it means that your informing God, and telling God that you are here to worship and pray to God. I have also learnt about the three principal Gods, that Hindu’s believe in:
    G = Generator: Brahma generated the Universe.
    O = Operator: Vishnu/Narayan preserves and looks after the Universe.
    D = Destroyer: Shiva destroys the evil.

    This is a good way to remember the three main Gods. I have also learnt a mind-blowing fact that Hindu’s don’t actually believe in 360 Gods whereas Hindu’s really believe in one God! However, they believe in one God that has many forms and is thought of in different ways. This fact blew my mind!
    I have also learnt that Hindu’s treat their guests, the exact same way as they treat their God. Also, I have learnt that the way Hindu’s greet people is: Namaste. Namaste is spoken with a small bow and hands pressed together. It was nice learning how Hindu’s greet!

    Overall, I really enjoyed this trip, and I have learnt quite a lot about Hindu’s, and I am trying my best to remember all the amazing, mind-blowing, astonishing facts that I have learnt on Wednesday! Once again, this was an excellent, fantastic, astounding trip, and I would definitely love to learn more about other faiths and religions, in Religious Studies, because it can be more fun that I have ever thought!

    Questions/ Other things I have learnt from this trip

    Question 1) Where does the name Hindu come from?
    Answer 1) The name Hindu comes from thousands and thousands of years ago, when there was a river named the river Sindu. Then one day, the Persians came, and they named the people living around the river Sindu, Sindu’s. However, the name got mispronounced, and instead it was pronounced as “Hindu’s.” And slowly, a religion/faith was being built.

    Question 2)What is the name of the Hindu place of worship ?
    Answer 2) The name of a Hindu temple or place of worship is Mandir.

    Question 3)How is Hinduism different from other faiths?
    Answer 3)Hinduism is different because it has a different name, and also they don’t have prophets, they have Rishi’s.

    Question 4)How can we improve our community today and make it strong ?
    Answer 4)We can improve our community and environment by being kinder to people, and taking care of the world, and not littering all over the floor. Then the environment would be cleaner, it would stop save injuries (people tripping over things)etc..

    Question 5)How did today’s trip help you better understand how to improve our community
    Answer 5) It helped me understand better how to improve our community, because the Hindu faith says that you must be kind and caring, as well as considerate and helpful. It teaches you how to be honest and truthful.

  • Mariam R 5M says:

    This was a memorable time. Learning about Hinduism was good fun! I loved how we rang the bell. I was interesting to know how the religion started. I hope we go again next year in year 6!!!!!!

  • Khalam says:

    I thought everyone who has said their poem today it was really good

  • Mrs Bhawna Chavda says:

    I am the faith Guide at the Laxmi Nararayan Hindu Temple and I have led 3 visits from your school recently. I would like to compliment your pupils & staff for their good behaviour, knowledge and understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed having the children who were very eager to learn and participate in all the activities. I am amazed as to how much they learnt and this is so apparent in the write up below. It has removed many misconceptions which is the purpose of these visits, and brings across that all religions give one message, respect and love for one another and treating others as one would like to be treated. In my talks I also like to highlight the similarities between many religions e.g. Lighting a lamp / candle, use of incense, scriptures / holy book, prayer beads, water etc. I was astounded today when I asked the children if they knew of the name of the Hindu scriptures or where the knowledge came from, and I received the answer The Vedas from a young child. The Vedas are the Hindu texts of highest authority and get their name from the Sanskrit word Vidh which means knowledge. Even some Hindus may not know this.
    Our Mandir is open every day and everyone is welcome. Check for opening times.