Year 5 enjoying some Tudor entertainment

By Dede Pourahmadi on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 in News. 5 Comments



Did you know that in the Tudor times many people had to make their own entertainment ?  There were no computers, televisions, ipads and mp3 players and very few people could read. Without electricity, often people got up early in the morning when it was light and went to bed when it was dark. They worked most of the day and week and so much entertainment was saved until Sundays. The one day of the week when most people didn’t work.

As part of our music lesson, children enjoyed learning about Tudor entertainment, and studied “ The greens sleeves “.Just for interest, the sleeves of ladies clothing worn during the Tudor era were held on with laces and could be detached. Many believe that the words were written by King Henry Viii for Anne Boleyn and that she was the Lady Greensleeves referred to in the lyrics of the song.

  • Why did Tudor music not survive to the present day ?
  • Why should we lift off our arms when we do our warm-ups before singing ?
  • Why do you think this song is different from today’s songs ?

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  • Naimah 5M says:

    On Wednesday 10th May, children in year 5M took part in music lesson, and learnt about things, like what warm-ups you do before you start singing, some a Tudor song and tongue twister, and also we learnt about the types of songs Tudors sang. This was a very pleasant, amazing and enjoyable lesson to take part in, especially because of all the new things year 5M learnt, about their topic on Tudors.

    Things we did:

    First, we did a few warm ups, such as lifting up our arms, and also shaking our legs and hands. We also took some deep breaths. Next, we were looking at a small Tudor tongue twister, since it helps you when you start singing, and this was very exciting and entertaining! The tongue twister was:
    A Tudor who tooted his flute,
    Tried to tutor two tooters to toot,
    Said the two to their tutor is it harder to toot,
    Or to tutor two tooters to toot?

    It was spectacular and fantastic, and also fun because first we started off slowly, and read a line at a time, then two lines at a time and then all at once. Then once we did that well, we went on to reading it in a faster pace, and then faster, and then we did it perfectly! Personally, I loved it a lot, and a lot, because tongue twisters are very fun to read out!

    Then, what we did was we listened to a Tudor song, which at the moment, is the most popular song from the Tudor era. The song was called, Lady Greensleeves. Once we finished hearing the song, we discussed about it, and then our class had a go at singing it, with the lyrics on the board.

    After, we started to repeat some things that we learnt last week in Music lesson, and we did it again. We got into a circle, and we sang some songs that we learnt about last week.

    Today, we had an astounding, stunning and magnificent Music lesson, especially since it was about our topic that we are learning about in History, on Tudors! I absolutely loved this lesson, and I am sure everyone who participated in this Music lesson loved it as well. I really enjoyed it because, I learnt some more things about Music and the Tudors, and I enjoyed it also because, it was cross-curricular.


    Q1 ) Why did Tudor music not survive to the present day ?
    A1 ) Tudor music did not survive till today, because now we have more things to sing with, for example we have microphones, more musical instruments, we have lots of different technology that can also help with making a great song, and we are now not in the times during the Tudor reign, so Tudor songs would not be as popular as other songs.

    Q2 ) Why should we lift off our arms when we do our warm-ups before singing ?
    A1 ) You should lift your arms before singing so that you have space for you lungs to expand and so that your brain knows how much air is left, and it helps with your singing, and when you are taking your deep breaths.

    Q3 ) Why do you think this song is different from today’s songs ?
    A3 ) I think this song is different from today’s song, because in the Tudor period, they did not have some of the instruments that we now do have, and the songs today are different from Tudor songs because now there are lots of different types of singing.

  • malaikah says:

    The music lesson was very intertaining and fun as we sang songs about tutors. recentry in class for topic we are learning about tutors and in the music lesson we learnt tudor songs such as the lady greensleeve . It helped me understand more about tudor music.

  • Mohammed Amine says:

    Tudor times…. now those were the days!!!!
    Who needs ipads and computers when you can just enjoy tudor entertainment…! Fantastic!

  • Maria.N says:

    WOW!what a Tudor music lesson we had !We learned a Tudor song called “The greensleeves “It was so calming and relaxing.We learned so much about the Tudor music.I really enjoyed myself.We even did Tudor tongue twister which was:

    A Tudor who tooted his flute
    Tried to tutor two tooters to toot
    Said the two to their tutor “is it harder to toot or to tutor two tudors to toot

  • Mariam R 5M says:

    Singing songs from the past was fun! Lady Greensleeves was also sad as a person written a song about his love but all the love would do is ignore!!!!