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There were plenty of excited and proud parents,  friends, supporting from the side lines at Reddings Lane park for our annual SPORTS DAY !!  Cheering the super enthused pupils as they competed against their peers  allowed everyone to give the best of themselves and make it a very memorable experience !

As the end of the event was fast approaching, the final race was upon us, with the parents against teachers and sports coaches competing in the tug of war.  In the hot blazing July sunshine, quickly, tables were turned as the children were the ones cheering their parents on!

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  • Raihaan says:

    Sports day

  • Naimah 5M says:

    On Thursday 6th July 2017, year 5M took part in an entertaining, joyous and exhausting Sports Day! Everyone in my class absolutely loved participating in Sports Day, and everyone was so competitive and ecstatic, as well as excited, on Sports Day.

    What happened:

    In the morning, before Sports Day, my class and I were practicing for Sports Day, in the playground, by sitting down in rows in our teams, and racing each other, so we would be ready to win on Sports Day. This was also great fun, for we all raced elated and gleeful.

    Once we were ready to leave for the park, we got our banners and took a class picture, with our Liverpool banner, for our class was selected to be the Liverpool team.

    After we reached the park , where there were a lot more parents than I had expected, we sat down in our team rows, waiting for the other classes, since we were the first class to arrive. Once the other classes arrived, the teacher called team 1 & 2 from the year 5 classes, to come and sit at the start line.
    After we were told some instructions, we were getting ready to start racing. That was when the whistle was blown, and everyone from 5M started cheering for the person racing, to motivate them, so they would feel confident and can win the race for us. It was very pleasurable and enjoyable to watch other people race, whilst you cheer loud for them! When it was my turn, I was nervous and quite worried as well, but I knew I couldn’t give up, and went ahead. I may not have got 1st place, and I knew some people were disappointed in me, but I knew that it was good that I tried.

    The next race we did, was the race where we had to run and jump over two small orange hurdles, then jump over one slightly larger silver hurdle, which made me feel quite anxious, fearful and afraid, because I knew I didn’t know how to get over those hurdles. I knew I would get last place in that race, but I still tried. When it was my turn, I jumped over the two small orange hurdles, but on the last one, I stopped since I was very worried, and instead I put my leg over it, and that slowed me down, but I was glad that my hurdle hadn’t toppled over, and fell down.

    The last challenge we went through was tug of war. Tug of war was my favourite thing we did yesterday, and I was very delighted about the result. The girls went against the other girls from different year 5 classes. First, it was 5M girls against 5K girls. Then the girls from our class started discussing where certain people should stand. Once it was decided, the whistle blew. Everyone pulled ruthlessly, but cheerfully, and we used our teamwork and resilience skills, to stay standing, using our stamina, and in the end we won. However, there was still another class left to beat, so we stood again, watching the teacher demonstrate how to do it, in the same position and with the same stance when we started, as before. We picked up the rope, and the whistle blew. We pulled as hard as we could, knowing we were defeated by the same opponents last year. We tugged on to the rope, pulling backwards fiercely, and that was when we did it! We won tug of war for the first time, and everyone was pleased and excited and extremely ecstatic!

    When the boys from 5M did their Tug of war, they also did great, for they won in the first round against 5K, as they tugged the rope very, very hard. In the next round, they tried just as hard, and they pulled and pulled, but sadly, in the end the whistle blew and it was a draw. However, they did well. and it didn’t really matter since they enjoyed it either way, and so did I enjoy watching it!

    Sports day this year, has been spectacular, astounding, and thrilling as well as breathtaking this year, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I wasn’t really looking forward to Sports Day, since I thought I would do really bad, but now I am glad I participated, since I loved this years Sports Day a lot! Our class showed a lot of teamwork, communication and resilience skills, which led us to having a brilliant and excellent time, whilst performing in Sports Day! I am now looking forward to my next Sports Day, next year, for I am sure it will also be very fun!

  • Raihaan says:

    Sports Day,I remember it like it was yesterday,We Walked into our stadium roaring away our anthem like fearless champion that we are!!3 races stand between us and other teams,Race 1 sulayman race for victory and glory was awoken as it should be.”Thank you allah sut”I proclaimed Then came my turn my face turned bright red white excitement My heart was beating like never before , As I ran my feet was burning like lava Then came the greatest of all tug of war We anillated 5k 5l made us work for our time gave with push, pull and shove we drew and finally we rest back in our classes like proud team members

  • Mariam R 5M says:

    today was like ULTIMATE fun Day! i loved it so much that i written a poem!
    Legs stretched,
    Skip a beat,
    Muscles tense,
    Finish line , what i shall meet.

    Gun shoats,
    Throat dry,
    Sweat drips,
    I wish to win and that’s no lie.

    Chest aches,
    Someone passes,
    Heart races,
    May be the lastest.

    Without a warning,
    Almost there,
    Must keep going,
    Shooting through the air.

    Opposition closer,
    End looms,
    It is over!

    BY MARIAM , 5M

  • Faizan 5m says:

    I have written a poem about sports day and I would like to share it-


    Sports day,
    I remember it like yesterday,
    It may only be a fuzzy black-and-white film,
    And it may be vague in my head,
    But it is just as memorable.

    I remember the start line so near,
    And the finish line so far,
    I remember the nervous wreck I was at the start;
    But emotions change; just like the weather,
    It is unclear how my emotions were changing,
    But I do remember my heart heaving and my sweat pouring,
    Before I even started the race,

    Before I knew it, the whistle had been blown,
    Strangely, I was already…gasping….for….air,
    Time seemed to slow down,
    I was last place,
    Eyes focused,
    Body twitching.

    I remember my focus on the track,
    I was a rocket whizzing past the planets,
    I looked up, I was in SECOND PLACE!
    I was gaining on him,
    but little did I know,
    I was soon to be tripped up.

    WHAM! I tripped and hit the floor,
    But my hopes were high,
    Sadly, I came third,
    But my team still won, 1st place

    by Faizan Shah 5m

  • Faizan 5m says:

    Of course I love my maths and English, but sports is just as great. I adored sports day and its fun activities. For me, sports day was one of the biggest highlights in year five.

    We came onto the field and it was scorching! We sat down and soon enough, the first competitors were called up. Naturally, being 5M, we came up with some amazing chants, that we rehearsed very well. One of the chants was called the hall of fame. We started chanting it as soon as one of our class members approached the start line, the chant went like this-


    Yeah, you can be the greatest,
    You can be the best,
    You could be the king Kong banging on your chest,
    You could beat the world, you could beat the war,
    You could talk to God go bangin’ on his door,
    You can throw your hands up, you could beat the clock,
    Dedicate yourself and you gonna find yourself,

    And that was only the first bit.
    And it then came to my turn, I was very nervous and shaky but I knew five m had to win. I ran full speed but came second in both my races, Callum was first place, in total I scored ten points for our team. it may seem like few, but every point counts!


    The girls from our class did great. In my opinion everybody helps, and if one person was to let go we would fail. We scored 40 points! Also I think the cheering had a great effect to, we may have lost if it weren’t for all the strong motivating.


  • maria.n says:

    My legs pound,
    My heart melts,
    My muscles ready to race,
    BEEEEEEEEEEEP!goes the horn.
    Running and running,
    Throat dry,
    Chest aches,
    Onwards on!
    My eyes are focused,
    Not wanting to look back,
    Here i see the finish line,
    Hoping to make my dream come true,
    Pushing myself more and more,
    One more push and…
    IT’S OVER!

  • Sana Saeed says:

    Heat beating.
    Sweat dripping .
    Ready to win.
    Focus straight ahead.
    Starting line.
    Zoom through the people.
    Run as fast as a winner.
    Lucky charm in my my pocket.
    Finnish line.

  • miski m says:

    Sports day!
    Focused on the track,
    Not looking back.
    Legs stretched,
    So nervous that the twitch.
    Heart races,
    As I look at the opponents faces.
    Body pounds,
    Onward go,
    Finish in sight,
    Final burst of energy,
    Without warning.

  • Ihsan 5m says:

    My hearts beating,
    Brothers cheering,
    ready to sprint,
    Gun fires,
    Run fast,
    Body pounding,
    Sweat dripping,
    people infront,
    Finish line in sight,
    whistle blows,
    It’s over,

  • M.Kibriya says:

    My arms stiff,
    Legs shaking
    I have to let them know I’m not for the taking.

    Heart beating,
    Mind on track,
    Next race,
    Jumping in a sack.

    Whistle goes,
    Off I go,
    Where will the wind take me,
    Where will it blow?

    I have to win,
    No time to lose,
    I’m first pace,
    I WON!!!

  • Rahya Khan says:

    I loved sports day especially the tug of war