By Dede Pourahmadi on Friday, July 7, 2017 in News. 11 Comments

There were plenty of excited and proud parents,  friends, supporting from the side lines at Reddings Lane park for our annual SPORTS DAY !!  Cheering the super enthused pupils as they competed against their peers  allowed everyone to give the best of themselves and make it a very memorable experience !

As the end of the event was fast approaching, the final race was upon us, with the parents against teachers and sports coaches competing in the tug of war.  In the hot blazing July sunshine, quickly, tables were turned as the children were the ones cheering their parents on!


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  • Naimah 5M says:

    On Thursday 6th July 2017, year 5M had their sports day, which was great fun!
    Everyone who participated loved it all, and now, cannot wait to find out who the winners are! The children from 5M had written a poem about Sports Day, and this is the one I wrote:

    Sports Day

    I run as my muscles tense,
    I run as my heart beats,
    I run as my body pounds.

    There my heart races,
    Every step I get closer,
    Focusing my mind.

    It’s finally over!

    I stood still as my chest ached,
    I stood still as my throat dried,
    I stood still as my breath returned.

    There I stood,
    My body was still,
    I gasped for breath.

    But it’s all over!

  • Mariam R 5M says:

    this day was amazing! i cant believe we even won tug of war! i was the one in the front!!!

  • Ahmed elkundi says:

    that was amazing a wonderful experience .That was a moment the girls actually won.
    I cant believe it !!!!
    🙂 They learnt from us boys in year 4 . The best part was the tug of war and racing although i did fall but i never gave up thanks to my teacher U.DEDE and U.MOHAMMED thank you for motivating me and helping me and last but not least…


  • Ahmed elkundi says:

    Sports Day!!!
    Were running we feel the best.
    Were slowing we feel just like the rest.
    Who’s the champion? Me!
    Focus on the the track.
    Not looking back.
    Throat is dry.
    Heart is pounding.
    Wanting to come first place.
    Just to impress my teacher and my classmates.
    Tripping over the big hurdle.
    Getting overtaken.
    Thoughts blowing my mind.
    Not knowing what to do?
    Teacher shouting :
    Never Give Up!!!
    But i came in 2nd place.

  • Umar says:

    I remember my heart beating fast, tried my best not to come last. I’m being past, I’m not last. Iv over taken him, were limb to limb. BANG! I fell down; then I’m crowened second. I tell my team that I came second and they all screamed: YAY!!!

  • Mohammed Amine says:

    Welldone to 5M on winning the tug of war and holding the Al-Furqan record in just 4 seconds!!! WWOOWWWW, mashallah!!

    You were impressive in year 4 and continue to be impressive in year. Very proud of you all!!!

  • malaikah says:

    knees bent,
    arm stretched
    In position
    Whistle blows
    Race begins
    Body pounds
    Throat is dry
    Onwards on
    Have to keep going
    One more push
    No on warning it’s over
    sweat drips
    Energy comes back
    Wait a whole and
    start again.

  • malaikah says:

    whoever thinks they beat us 5l and 5k then watch the blog of us beating you’se.

  • Summayyah 5m says:

    mashaallah when we have sports day we will win to!!!

  • Daawuud says:

    everyone sports day is not about winning,well it kinda is but still its a win win have fun wining oops i didn’t follow my rule

  • Asima 5m says:

    mashaallah I think they won but this 5m will win as well inshallah.