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On Thursday 13th July, Enabling Enterprise visited Al Furqan Primary School  to participate in a challenge day and share the vision that “One day every pupil will leave school with the enterprise skills, experiences of work and aspirations to succeed.”

What was your biggest challenge today ?

How did you overcome it ?

What is your skill target following this enabling enterprise activity ?

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  • Naimah 5M says:

    On Thursday 13th July, children from Al Furqan Primary School, participated in an extremely entertaining and excellent challenge, where we were builders and architects, and we learnt how to build and design, our very own city, using limited resources, and most importantly, skills that would help us throughout our lives.

    What did we do first in 5M:

    First, we came in, and my teacher told everyone to stand in one side of the classroom, as our teacher put us into groups for the challenge, by choosing the first and next 4 or 5 children from the register, and they would be part of the group. Once we were chosen, we moved the tables around, to put them into a certain way, so we can work well during the challenge.

    After setting up the classroom and the groups, it was 9’o clock, and we had to go down to the hall for the enabling enterprise challenge assembly. During this assembly, all of key stage 2, listened carefully as they were told some things about the challenge, and what skills we would apply during the challenge in our teams.

    Once the assembly was over, we all went back upstairs to our classrooms. My teacher told the class, that we had to pick a name for our team, and this part I enjoyed a lot. Since Space was my favourite topic I learnt about in year 5, I could come up with a variety of names. Everyone suggested interesting names, until someone in the group I was in recommended the name “Nebula Knights” and everyone in the group agreed with that name.

    Next, our teacher showed us a video and we all watched it, listening carefully, to every bit of the video. This video explained some things to us, about the challenge. After watching the video, our teacher gave every group two of the same papers. It was a quiz paper, that helped us in the end, build our city, Utopia! There were questions we all answered as a team, showing our communication skills, and listening skills, because we listened to each others answers for the questions.

    One of my favourite things about today, was designing our animals we would have in Utopia! At first, my group and I were going to create our animals, and combine them all, but later didn’t do that. I created an animal of transport, a bird of prey, and an underwater animal. I decided to make them quite strange and unlike animals on Earth, so it could be quite interesting. So did everyone else.

    The Animals I Created:

    First, I created a cat, that had wings, and could fly at incredible speed, and it was larger than normal cats so you could ride it, but also like normal cats, could be different breeds and look different. Like all cats, the flying cat is also unique, and had a tail, a tail that burned at all times, and people could use it to cook food, or roast food, The flying cat could also be a house pet, for it is friendly, and enjoys being stroked.

    I also created a bird of prey. I created a bird, that was two-headed, and was an animal that would take care of any criminals in Utopia. The name of the bird was Dodrio, since it is a similiar bird to the dinosaur bird Dodo, which is now extinct, and some Dodrio cannot fly, and some can. They would be friendly to humans, only if they trust humans.

    I also created an animal that does not exist on Earth, but however is a mythical creature on Earth. My underwater animal was a hippocampus/hippocamp. A hippocampus is a mythical underwater sea creature. It has a body and tail of a fish, and a forepart of a goat, though some people recognise it as a horse. I made my hippocampus different, by giving it a horn and wings, so it could be like a unicorn and a pegasus. My hippocampus was also able to spout water out of its mouth, so it can do useful things. For example, if water ran out in Utopia, the hippocampus could spout out water, and the water would be crystal clear, and clean.

    This part creating our animals, was pleasurable and enjoyable, as well as astounding, and I’m pretty sure everyone else enjoyed it too.

    Then, what we did next was, we watched a couple more videos, explaining some other things about what we were doing next. We then had a sheet of paper, and on the sheet was a list of some different jobs, and we had to choose four people we would bring with us, to help us build Utopia. Our group voted on each others opinions, and in the end we all voted on bringing : A builder, a surgeon, a politician and a farmer. We chose these because the farmer would grow crops and food, and trees and plants, that would also give us oxygen so we could survive. The builder could teach us how to build, so we could also help and build shelter for people to stay in, so the citizens of Utopia could get some warmth. The surgeon would help us by healing humans who are injured. They don’t just give surgeries, because in order to become a plastic surgeon, you must qualify as a doctor. The politician would be important, because without rules in Utopia, it would be chaos, and horrible things could occur, so we thought it would be necessary to bring a politician.

    Then we chose some buildings we would have, and we could only have a few. This was because we had a budget of $10,000,000 and we had to spend it wisely. In the end, we all decided on having a hospital, a rocket launch pad, a police station, a dam, and a stadium. We did not get the school, for it was too expensive, and we didn’t have enough, so we compromised. We could use the stadium for education,entertainment and all sorts of things. This went quite well in the end. We also had the dam for electricity and water.

    We were starting to create our city! However, it’s not right to build something without designing it, so someone in our group started to design our city, by drawing the plans out on paper. There were certain landmarks the city must have, such as a volcano, a toxic swamp, an alien village and a river. There must also be ways to tackle some of these problems, such as the volcano. There is a 50% chance of the volcano erupting the year we create the city. Also, the toxic swamp there is the poisonous, virulent, venomous and harmful water. We should solve that problem as well. We also didn’t know if the aliens were friends or foes. In order to tackle these problems, our group thought hardly. For the volcano, the hippocampus could also create an electromagnetic field, and so could an animal a team member created. We could also stop the toxic swamp from spreading anything from the harmful water, because a team member also had an animal, that would cleanse the water. The alien village would be okay because the aliens could be friends, and if they weren’t we had animals that could help us.

    After this, we started to build Utopia! There was a person in the group who was the junk buyer. The junk buyer is the person who got all the boxes and cardboard and all the materials we would use to create our city. This part was my favourite part of today! Creating Utopia! I absolutely loved this magnificent, marvelous and amazing activity because it was very pleasant and entertaining to perform. We all had certain things to build. Someone in my team built the hospital, whilst the other created the rockets and rocket launch pads, and the other created the stadium. I created the dam, and made some bushes to add some more nature and brighten the city up a bit more. After people in the team created the police station. We worked hard creating Utopia, and if anyone was stuck on creating something, we helped each other and didn’t give up. In the end, I quite liked our city. We added some small things to it, like the bushes I made, we added some pebbles and a pathway leading to the different places. There was even a little boat and a control panel we created. I really enjoyed this, and I thought it was great fun creating Utopia.

    However, there was still more. We then were starting to sell our society. Our teacher chose 2 people from our group to be number 1, and the other two to be number 2. Number two’s went to other people from the classes cities and looked at them, as they told us about their Utopia. I also liked the other cities people made a lot, and their animals were very interesting. The number one’s stayed at our Utopia, and as number two’s from different groups came over to look at our city, the number one’s told them about it, and showed them all the different animals we created, and what they can do. I thought this a nice little activity to do at the end, and I enjoyed look at other group builds and creations.

    This was definitely an astounding, spectacular, wonderful and challenging experience, and I think I enjoyed this challenge more than the one we did in September, even though that one was great fun as well. I think everyone learnt more about the skills we should always apply: Being creative, problem solving, aiming high, staying positive, listening, using imagination, leading, teamwork, communication, sharing ideas. This was definitely one of my most memorable experiences of year 5, because I loved this experience so much, and I am looking forward to more of them, during my next year, in year 6!


    Q1)What was your biggest challenge today ?
    A1)My biggest challenge today was finding out about the buildings we should have. This was because we were discussing and thought about taking the Hospital, School, Railway Station, Police Station, but we needed the rocket launch pad and dam so we had to figure out what to get rid of. In the end, after thinking for a little while, we decided to get rid of the school and railway station, and get ourselves a rocket launch pad, a stadium and a dam.

    Q2)How did you overcome it ?
    A2)In the end, after thinking for a little while, we decided to get rid of the school and railway station, and get ourselves a rocket launch pad, a stadium and a dam.

    Q3)What is your skill target following this enabling enterprise activity ?
    A3)I think a skill I should work on is being a bit more creative, and I think I can also be a bit more imaginative, because the animals I chose were mostly based on real life animals put together with something else, and I’m sure I could have made something more creating and imaginative.

  • maria.n says:

    once again enabling enterprise has come again .YAY! I had so much fun and we designed our own world and animals.we also got certificates for many different things.It would be a pleasure for enabling enterprise to come to our school again.THANK YOU to all staff for planning this for us!

  • Alaeldein says:


  • Anisa friend says:

    well done

  • summayyah 5m says:

    I loved it when we made the buildings and used our team work skills to decide who we will choose to be on our team to make our city [utopia] a place for all of us to love.
    I loved also it where we decided were to stick the buildings, my team made a learning center with a school,hospital,rocket launch pad and a work building.
    I really enjoyed it,thank you the enabling enterprise teachers and our teachers at Al Furqan for organizing this fun activates.

  • summayyah 5m says:

    I loved it when we made the buildings and used our team work skills to decide who we will choose to be on our team to make our city [utopia] a place for all of us to love.
    I loved it also when we decided where to stick the buildings, my team made a learning center with a school, hospital, rocket launch pad and a work building.
    I really enjoyed it,thank you the enabling enterprise teachers and our teachers at Al Furqan for organizing these fun activities.

  • nusaybah.c says:

    this was fun and we learnt skills we will probably need later in life

  • Asima 5m says:

    Al Furqan Primary School is the best!!!