We are roller coasters designers !

By Dede Pourahmadi on Thursday, October 5, 2017 in News. 28 Comments


As soon as year 5 pupils understood the basic physics concepts that are applicable to everyday items , including potential energy and kinetic energy, they were ready to find out about marble roller coaster day !

In teams, all pupils applied their understanding of those concepts as they constructed their roller coaster. Through a cycle of building, testing, observing and revision, students gained a practical understanding of fundamental physics concepts and the basics of successful roller coaster construction.

Every pupil benefited from a wonderful opportunity to have an “unstructured” science/ design technology lesson to hone team building skills as they communicated with their peers.

Well done year 5! I was super impressed with how you applied your newly acquired science knowledge and your wonderful cooperative and creative skills!


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  • Alaeldein says:


  • Ezzah 5M says:

    This was a relly fun activity.I hope we could do it again.This showed how we could work in a team.My team worked so hard to make the marble go around the loop.
    I hope we could do this again!!!!!!

  • Mariyah m 5m says:

    I really enjoyed our lesson.i liked working in a team together to create a roller coaster.Also I liked using our creative and scientific skills.I wish we joined all our rollercoasters together to make one big one

  • Umar says:

    I really enjoyed this activity and it was a lot of fun having the experience to make a roller coaster. We helped each other when we where stuck. We worked collaboratively and put our ideas together. I wish we could do this activity once more or have it as a club. I definitely enjoyed it very much.

  • Owais says:

    Making the marble follow the track was really hard but fun to make i really enjoyed it and i wish we can do it again. Owais

  • Nimerah says:

    I had lots of fun making roller coasters.The best part was when we helped each other make our ideas even better by adding them all together.At the beginning we struggled a lot but then it came better and better.We even got our marble to get through the loop.i wish we had more time to join everyone’s roller coasters together and make a huge class roller coaster and with more pipes or materials.

  • Nimerah says:

    I had lots of fun making roller coasters.The best part was when we helped each other make our ideas even better by adding them all together.At the beginning we struggled a lot but then it came better and better.We even got our marble to get through the loopIi wish we had more time to join everyone’s roller coasters together and make a huge class roller coaster and with more pipes or materials.Although it was still the best lesson ever so far. You never know even better lessons can come up in the future.

  • Naimah 6M says:

    I remember when I participated in this Science investigation, in year 5. It was very knowledgeable,entertaining and fun to perform. I learnt a lot from this Science investigation myself, and I’m sure everyone in year 5 this year also enjoyed this investigation, and learnt a lot too.

    When I took part in this spectacular, fantastic and amazing activity, I was taught a lot about forces and roller coasters, and how they worked. Some things that I learnt was that friction force and magnetic force was involved in roller coasters. Friction force is involved in roller coasters : it is when the wheels on the track are moving. Last year, when doing this investigation, like always, there was room for improvement : we could have done better on our organisation, and then we wouldn’t waste as much time as we did then.

    Everyone in the group I was in last year used their teamwork skills to successfully build this roller coaster, and I’m sure everyone this year did as well. We used : our teamwork skills; communication skills; listening and resilience skills; and finally our leadership skills. It may have been hard for us to do some things, for at first we got many things wrong. However, in the end we were successful and achieved it! For example, when we couldn’t get the marble to stay on the track, we just kept on trying and changing the position of the pipes, and held them carefully, to make sure they didn’t fall apart or move. Even though this investigation was quite complex, we managed to get the marble to stay on the track.

    Hopefully, this year everyone who participated in this investigation, enjoyed it, for it was very fascinating and pleasurable last year, and once again, I’m sure it was very pleasant this year. Personally, last year I felt like this investigation was extremely remarkable, extraordinary and phenomenal, and I always wanted to do something as good and astounding as this, and I did. I never thought there would be any activity or investigation as great as this one, but there were so many! Year 5 this year certainly and undoubtedly loved this investigation, as much as I did when I was in year 5.

  • Daawuud says:

    We learn how to build a roller coaster by using tubes cut in half,we needed to use our force skills to the max! and no,not the one from star wars,duh duh duh,you get the point.the loop was the hardest part of this project,you needed height and speed for the marble to roll around the loop.We only got 4 half tubes if more we would be able to make an epic ride,what would be better is if we combined our roller coasters together although it would be like a giant snake,the starting would be the mouth and the end is….. well you know,ha ha ha,yeah that was dumb anyway it would be better to keep doing this as it will enrich our minds of architecture and engineering.

    Okay here is my 2 stars and a wish.

    Star1:It was amazing to learn about forces and doing this project.Everytime we finish a subject(I hope) we get to do an amazing activities about the things we learn’t in class.

    Star2:I mean how do i start now this one,we loved making the roller coasters and you cant say no the amount of joy filled up the room but there was some issues though like the roller coasters broke and the marbles were lost.

    And finaly…(please don’t complain about the use of and at the start of the sentence,thanks)

    Wish1:I realy wished we could do this everyday,think about how happy this would be (i would prefer sleeping and dreaming about this for the happiness you would feel). It would also feel even better if you could do this for longer than maths,english and (topic or science).

    Just for fun…

    Wish2:It would be epic if we did this yesterday all day then go on a theme park trip,wouldn’t that be epic!

  • Asima 5m says:

    I like working as a group and i wished we can pot the ride together.

  • Rahya5k says:

    I loved that lesson even though ares was a fail

  • Rahya5k says:

    The marble could not slide

  • Rahya5k says:

    We used pipes to make the rollercoaster and used tape to keep it in place

  • Namra Janghir says:

    I enjoyed doing the above activity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iqra 5M says:

    I had a great experience making it .
    I wish we could do it more longer!!!!!!!
    It looked really easy BUT it was actually very hard making the LOOP.
    It was fun when we tried to make the marble go down the loop.

    It was so fun I wish we could do it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daawuud says:

    Any way enough talk about me,what do you guys think?

    Is it that you could use these skills in real life?

    Or maybe you love the fact of enjoying your self?

    Tell me in the comments bellow and tell me your own reasons please

  • Daawuud says:

    My first comment is positive but this will talk about negative things about this activity, it took about 45-60 or even more minutes to do this you could do maths and some english in that time or even music, i’m not trying to make this sound bad but I am just pointing out the problems so people could see the difference.There was marbles out of place tracks braking and some people trying to hold the anger when things go wrong.Okay now i am going to give you guys a little quiz!
    you will need to read my first comment.

    1.How many tubes did we have? A.5 B.3 C.4

    2.What did we need to go around the loop? A.height and luck B.just luck C.height and speed

    3.What simlie did i use? A.a snake B.a cat C.a giant snake

    4.What two jokes did i use? A.”and the is … well you know” B.”and no,not the one from star wars,duh duh duh” C.”and the is … well you know” and “and no,not the one from star wars,duh duh duh”

    5.What was my last wish? this time you will have to comment to get the answer

    congrats if finished and got all right!

  • Deen Wadhah Mohsin 5M says:

    I really liked it when we designed the roller coaster and we tried to roll the marble to see if we can get it through the loop and to the end of the track.

  • Summayyah 5m says:

    When we made the roller coasters, The best part was when we decided were to position our roller coasters. Our team put it against a shelf,and then a cupboard, we changed it and changed it until it was perfect! Another problem that we came across was when we could not make a loop ➿ but thanks to ustadha’s help we managed to make it perfect!
    I hope that we can do this again InshaAllah!!

  • Moiz yr5k says:

    I enjoyed that lesson and it was the coolest lesson ever we had to make our own roller coasters and sliding them in but it could not go in that was the bad problem

  • Simrah Begum says:

    October 9,2017 at 8:36pm: Making a roller coaster design with pipes is really fun and shows how creative we are. The part when we started to make the loop was a bit hard but in the end we figured it out. It was also a bit difficult when we were putting the sellotape on because it kept sticking to our fingers!

    I wish that we could do it once every week. We also had to put the marble on it and to see if it traveled all the way. It was really exiting . We worked really hard to make the marble travel all the way. We used a pipe that was cut in half. I wish we could do it AGAIN and AGAIN!!!

  • Ifraah5m says:

    making a roller was so much fun I liked when my team had to try to get the marble around the LOOP!!! i especially liked the part when we worked as a team but i wish we could have more time to improve our rides and join all of them together.

  • Ibrahim 5m says:

    I really enjoyed watching the marble go down the track. I also enjoyed making the track.I learnt the marble went very fast when the slope was high.Also i enjoyed making the loop of the track. I wish we could make it again!!!!

  • Moiz yr5k says:

    I loved the lesson it was so cool and I hope we do some more fun lessons as well

  • Hammad Islam says:

    I really loved this activity and I wish I could do it again. My 2 stars are :
    1. I really liked this activity because it enabled us to use our problem-solving skills and our teamwork skills.
    2. I also liked it because we had lots of materials to use.

  • Hameed Ahmed says:

    Very impressive! Keep it up!

  • Amnah 5M says:

    it was so much fun working in a group to try to make a rollar coaster every body in my group used the teamwork skill to succesfully make the marble go safely through the entire ride.

    first we had to enable the foam pipes to each other to form a perfect ride but the starting point needs to be high so when the marble starts the ride as it goes down there is enough power going through the ride
    to give it thrill to go up all the other hills.

    then we had to decide as a team where we will put the loop and how we will get the marble to go through the loop and our team decide to put the loop somewhere in the middle of the ride and we had to make it

    After that we had to asmble the ride by using sellotape but we had to be careful it did not have any bump

    other wise it could be a fail and we placed a cup at the end of the ride so the marble can go into the cup after finishing the entire ride. our ride was a success.

    *i did good at using my team work skills
    *i did good at solving problems
    .i wish we could put all our rides together and have one big class ride

    i wish we could do this activity again and again and again!!!!

  • amnah 5m says:

    this was so much fun i guess the next year year 5 will love it to