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On Monday 6th  and Tuesday 7th  November,  Year 5 pupils spent the day as Ancient Egyptians! They came to school in fantastic costumes and spent the day doing lots of different activities. By completing the re-enactment of the opening of the tomb, pupils experienced a sense of awe and wonder at finding many  undiscovered ancient artifacts. They were able to work cooperatively, to accurately observe and represent the objects left in the tomb. Pupils had to travel down a tunnel of tables to discover the  pictures of the inside of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Later, all children took part in a creative workshop and enjoyed creating their own death mask.



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  • Asima 5m says:

    I had very fun

  • Asima 5m says:

    I hope everyone had fun!!!

  • summayyah 5m says:

    I really enjoyed ancient Egyptian day it was the most messy and fun thing we’ve ever done in year five.

    1.First we drew out lines of pharaohs hat [with help from ustadha]

    2.we stuck our masks to the hat and made face with a mask on top [with more help from ustadha]

    3.ustad came to show us how to use plaster of Paris to plaster down the mask to make it easier to paint

    4.lastly we painted the mask gold and blue with a finishing touch of black eyeliner and red lipstick

    P.S thank you all of the teachers for helping us!!!

  • Daawuud says:

    This was defitanly a memorable experience,of cause we went to mosque and it was raining but still it was fun! we made pharaoh masks and it was creepy,we had to cut it the head of the tomb so we can were it,we still had to do IQA in the middle of the time and then have 15 minutes break but it was raining (STILL) and our dresses would have gotten wet,so we used the time to carry on making the mask.Then we went to lunch like normal came back carried on.(Before all that we had to do a little activety by going under tables pretending they the building blocks of the tomb and we found objects that would be in other tombs,we learn’t the areas of tombs,corridor,ante – chamber,annex,burial chamber and then the treasury.)

    (Okay so here i will tell you my favorite part of today)
    We created death masks of the famous “Tutankhaman” the pharoah of Egypt, we painted it and it was messy,we used some plaster to “mummify ” the mummy,i painted mine yellow then mixed some more paint to make it look moldy because think about? it has been 3000 years and then mold is on his face.

  • Ezzah 5M says:

    I loved Ancient Egyptian day it was so fun .
    I loved it when we made the Egyptian masks.
    I wish we could do even more fun activities but the ones we did were fantastic.

  • Deen 5m says:

    Ancient Egyptian day was really exciting.I loved the bit when we tried to make an Egyptian mask wich had a face of Tutunkhamun and I also liked it when everyone looked nice when they are all dressed up as Egyptians.

  • Ifraah5m says:

    ancient Egypt is really fun especially when we got to see the different artifacts in king tuts tomb and try to find out what that artifacts are


  • Iqra 5M says:

    I loved Egyptian day especially when we made the
    pharaoh masks.
    It was amazing!!

  • Aishah Mumtaz 5m says:

    I REALLY enjoyed ancient egyptian day, everyone looked really nice in there egyptain clothes, this was the BEST day ever!!! My favorite bit was when we made our masks, it was messy but really FUN, thank you teachers for all the help and support.

  • ifraah5M says:

    i agree i also loved the creative clothes people were wearing