Year 3/4 Gymnastics competition – Starbank

By Mohammad Oujama on Thursday, December 21, 2017 in blog, News. 5 Comments

On the 5th of December our school took 12 young superstars to perform in a gymnastic competition held at Starbank.  The teams consisted of two teams A and B.  Both teams showed great resilient, flexibility, confidence, passion and teamwork.

Both teams A and B managed to secure a second place with a huge display of confidence and gymnastic technique.  We very proud of the all! In the afternoon session, our school managed to come 2nd place. Welldone.

Hannah the school games organised commented: ” was an extremely close competition even down to a joint 2nd place being awarded to Al- Furqan A and B teams!!!”

The names of our participants of both groups are found below – Welldone.

Team A, Aziza, Aisha, Jabir, Issa, Rayaan,  and Hagir

Team B, Arsalaan, Luqman, Waniyah, Yasmine, Mohammad, Anayah,

Below are  the overall results of the activity over the two day session with Al furqan having 96.8 points out of 19 schools in the area.

1st – Audley A- 103.5

2nd- Montgomery B- 99.2

3rd- Audley B- 98.85

4th- Adderley- 98

5th- Parkfield- 96.8

6th- Al-Furqan A and B – 96.65

8th- Greet 2- 95.55

9th- Montgomery A- 94

10th- Regent’s Park A- 93.75

11th- Greet A- 92.95

12th- Wyndcliffe A- 85.1

13th- Regent’s Park B- 84.2

14th- Wyndcliffe B – 83.3

*Anderton Park (year 6’s- 83.1)

15th- Regent’s Park C- 79.2

16th-Starbank B- 71.15

17th- Starbank A- 70.45



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