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World Book Day


Year 4K

Google Expedition

On the 6th of February children had an out of the world experience! Children had the opportunity to take part in Google Expedition. They were taken on an exciting virtual journey to outer space, under the ocean, the dinosaur age and Mount Everest all from the classroom!

Trip to Thinktank Science Museum

Children in year 4, had the opportunity to visit Thinktank Science Museum as part of their learning in Topic. Children thoroughly enjoying exploring and investigating the attractive displays. They also watched a science show, which focused on teeth and digestion and had a chance to go on journey to learn about what happens to food within the body!

Visit from a Rebellious Roman Soldier!

Year 4 had a special visitor from the past! A Roman soldier straight from the Roman army! Yikes! Children had the opportunity to explore life in the Roman army, handle and wear Roman equipment and trained in the army, learning tactics and formations. Children had a brilliant day and were dressed fabulously! Well done to everyone!